Eye Makeup

You can have a very effective through the use of a make-up related to the shape of your face and the color of your skin. There are a few examples that make up that matches your skin tone and face shape.

Downcast eyes: Choose three eye shadows that complement each other. One color should be dark, the other must be the light and the last shall be the average. Three eye shadows in one package can be a viable option for you. Application: Draw a line from the center to the edge of your eye using a dark eye shadow. Try to lift a bit the edge of the line. Apply the same process for your upper lash line and to combine these two lines. With the help of a sponge applicator or cotton swab, eye shadows disperse to make it lighter. Apply light shadow on the upper right eyelid chlorine. Apply the medium color eye shadow from the outer edge of the eye. Curl your lashes and apply mascara twice.

Small eyes: Select a black, a light shade of eye color. Application: Apply light shade on the entire upper eyelid. Or draw a Linet the edges of the lashes with a dark eyeliner. Dispersion of the outside line. Apply dark eye shadow on the outside of the eye. Slightly out of the dispersion. Apply white eye shadow on the inner edge of the eye. Mix the dark eyeshadow and clear to each other, not to create a boundary between them. Curl your lashes and apply mascara twice.

Wide-set eyes: Choose your dark brown eye shadow another. Application: Apply eye shadow brown in color between the area of ​​the nose and eyes. Dispersion very well, to prevent eye shadow looks like a stain. Apply dark eye shadow on the eyelids. Apply eye shadow to the outer edge of the eye itself. Draw a line with a black eyeliner on the eyelids and the inside of the eye. Apply mascara on top lashes twice.

Round eyes: Choose a shade of light colored eyes a dark finish. Colors you choose should correspond with each other. Application: Apply light eye shadow to your entire eyelid. Apply dark on the moving part of the eyelid. To give another form of your eyes, use eye shadow to the outside and out of your eyes. Draw a line through a dark eyeliner to the bottom of your lashes and line lengths outward from the edge of the eye. Curl your lashes and apply mascara twice.

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