Colors Nail Polish: Long Or Short

We usually follow fashion trends, and if, for example, black nail polish is in vogue this season, so it's time to go to the store real quick and get one. But sometimes we are disappointed when Polish nail color do not look so great on us as they do about fashion models.

In order to choose what color nail polish are even more difficult. There is also another thing that makes the choice for limited - long nails.

If you have long fingernails, you probably worked hard in their culture. Now that you have to work so hard to keep enough with the nail polish color of law. The owners of long nails should go for light colors such as pink cream and all shades of light. Dark colors include nails too, making your hand looks a bit masculine, while the equation for long nails and light colors make a very difficult part.

French Manicure is another variant. Although it is suitable for any team, takes too long.

When applying nail polish that has long fingernails, make sure you have a smooth surface, because the nails are longer and larger, more difficult is to get the glossy surface of the nail.

If you have short fingernails, your job is easier. You do not have to be extremely careful to have a smooth surface, because the nail polish on short nails, almost always look perfect. My advice to you is to fashion - wear dark nail polish colors. If the latest trends in fashion dictates blue nail polish, choose a dark color. Chocolate brown and dark gray are the colors of nail polish that others look great on short nails. Short nails are a plus, if you use red nail polish every nuance. This color is like the garbage often long nails.

Also, if you have short nails, you should consider lucky, because you can proudly wear black nail polish, and make sure it's right for you.

Creamy Nail Polish colors may be an exception. They will always look good and natural nails, regardless of the length of your nails.

Remember that whatever the causes, seems to always be in vogue, and if you have the chance to show the goddess in the evenings, you might want to forget what the latest fashion trends.

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