Your Style Is Really

When you dress in the morning and pull the finishing touches to live, he feels that the excitement is wearing a dress that makes you feel more? If you can not wear clothes that fit your personal style.

As women, we express who we are in everything we do - how to decorate our homes, how to organize a party dress. Our personal style that determines our unique signature look that sets us apart and creates a look that is ours. You probably know someone that has a single stand-out style, and when you're shopping you have found something that was "for her." His style is clear and there is no doubt that he has a signature style. However, not everyone has a style so clear that it is easily recognizable. Many women have a wonderful sense of style that is more subtle and subdued. It is convenient for them and what "they are.

Many women with whom I have the pleasure to work tell me not to feel they have a style. Well, ladies, we are aware or not, everyone has a personal style that is born. Can not be drawn at the time, but I assure you there. And when you dress accordingly, the effect can be magical!

Being out of sync with our personal style, or do not know what can be confusing cabinet and the feeling that something is not right. Have you ever been neat to feel comfortable in his own skin (and clothes)? Well, a good indicator is the recipient of praise - you hear "nice dress" or "Wow, you're fantastic!" When you dress to express their personality style, usually you hear more of the same? which is a confirmation that you are doing something right.

However, to be in line with our personal style more benefits. First of all, do it to dress for a game, because you know exactly what to pair with what you can get the combination that suits you to a T. When you understand the nuances of accessories and how details make the difference you can use to your advantage to check your look to create an outfit that is so you. Also, when you know what your personal style is, it's easy to get around all the tempting items on the grid authorization that calls your name - just say no because you know there is something better out there for you.

So how do you know what your personal style? One way is through my final offer, your signature style ID ™. It's a system I developed after spending 20 years in the fashion world, giving women a language to define their own style and understand how it all works together. Do you know why the brilliant black shirt never really felt when you had? I can tell you! You know what prints are best for your personality? We will adjust! You know what kind of jacket, shoes or jewelry to invest? You will also discover. Once you understand the process, you have many a-ha-and gain a deeper understanding of why you are attracted to certain elements and how to integrate them in a closet for you.

I'll take the women through the process is a simple evaluation of some discussions and explanations. From there, you get a style icon for the card, which will guide you in choosing the right place for you everything from clothes to accessories to home for your next car!

Your style is more like you and your personality and lifestyle. It can be adapted to your life, if you're a housewife or a business leader of great power and can help you put your mark on everything you do!

Presentation of your signature style ™ iD I make it accessible through group workshops and virtual courses. It is included in all my packages, but wanted to ensure that customers who have already worked with me for other services can take advantage of that. This is a wonderful tool and the third part of the basis for building a wardrobe, except for color analysis and image analysis. Once you determine you have everything you need to dress well and look your best!

Your Signature Style ™ iD is based on the 80/20 rule, with 80% of your wardrobe consists of clothes in your two dominant and the remaining 20% ​​is your support that feature really stand out. With this system, you will gain an understanding of why the shiny fabric is not working for you, or why you should wear crisp, tailored pieces in different colors. With your session, you will receive a set of cards style icon who support your style.

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