Nail Care

Long nails are a blessing. And 'nice and pleasant by adding colors and sights of your personality. If you follow the tips for nail care, then you can use to keep the shinny, hygienic and healthy beautiful nails. Here are some tips on nail care, that are very useful and very easy to understand. Follow your dreams and long nails are cured and the form will be filled.

* Keep clean

Make nail hygiene. Keep them clean. Do not wash your hands before and after each meal with antibiotics or soap to wash their hands by focusing more on the nails and skin behind. In this way, you will be able to kill microbes and thus the risk of nail is removed which can cause unpleasant for them.

* The shape Matters

Most women think long nails are long and do not need to pay attention to its shape. This concept is completely wrong. Well formed and long sharp nails are preferred, because it will ensure your safety. Round filing her nails long, not only makes them look beautiful, but you can also bring a soft rather than sharp their shows.

* Protect

All the hard external factors such as detergent, cleaning the kitchen tonics, etc. if you would have the nails so that they can not only damage their color, but can also cause skin allergies. Protect your nails, these external factors, putting on the gloves. This is a precautionary measure to save damage to the nails the color image and give you a smooth skin too.

* Avoid pressure

As you know the nails are extremely sensitive. If long nails when they were lighter to avoid any kind of pressure, and storage, or do any house of a chore. You know, that the collapse of long nails is unbearable, because you do not have a solution, but then cut them. Avoid unnecessary pressure on the toes, long nails if you want more durable.

Despite all the nail varnish above advice, you should not avoid the importance of good nutrition. Since nails are a part of our body that affect our plans too. System is composed of lime, as your nails can be strong if calcium requirements are met. For good amount of calcium consumed dairy products produced such as cream, cheese, yogurt and milk themselves. It will make your nails stronger and Shiner.

* Something about the Home Nail Care Tips

It 'a known fact that rubbing a slice of garlic to make them stronger, and you can certainly make your nails look more shiny and healthier. In addition, the lemon juice is a good idea to remove impurities nails. Its application to save many of the skin lesions and inflammation of the nail.

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