First Dance Wedding Song

Wedding anniversary is coming and you're still looking for the best song to open with a reception. You have so many songs in your head, so many favorites that just do not know what to choose between them. And how to choose. And you feel you need more ideas, that does not quite fit the first dance.

I recently heard a song I particularly like is "I need you," performed by Marc Anthony. You could say that this is not a good song for a wedding dance first, even though it comes to love, but the problem is proposed in the song. But what if you have set for this song? Who says you can not use?

My point is that in choosing the song for their first wedding dance, you can choose who speaks entirely on how the other person feel or talk about their relationship, a very important moment in its history love. Therefore you can choose a song as the first wedding, "I never felt like this before" by Alicia Keys and "Be Mine" by David Grey.

One of the most important things when choosing a song for the first dace is to note that this is a wedding and want to be with your partner forever, so make sure your song about love and not rupture, both the desire to share this love for each other every day of your life. Why not dance and open to the reception of "Truly, Madly, Deeply", sung by Cascada or Savage Garden, one of them prefer.

And then you have other options, other songs on your list to choose from. Which will you choose depends on what you both want to share with other wedding guests. So if you want to tell them that you think, "I swear" and the song you choose for your first dance at their wedding.

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