How To Clean Your Face Without Washing

When the big show a few weeks ago when Siobhan and I said our game-by-play routine in the morning, some of you have asked me to describe how it is I go to clean my face without water .

I just do not like washing your hair, wash my face not only these things I went on this road. Not particularly evangelical about, because, well, is not for everyone. People wash their faces all sorts of reasons, can be a refreshing change the mood, for the dirt out of the city ...

But for me, between the makeup I wear clean, dry climate where I live, unreliable water my tap in my thirties, and because I'm lazy, yes, but before brushing teeth do not sleep facelift is negotiable only began to dawn on most nights out.

I have tried many things I like, though: a wash of raw honey (precious), soft creamy cleansers, oils and hot towels. Sometimes I go back to these methods, which are large enough, none of which is very dry.

But most days, I simplified even further: I use these tricks Organic Cotton face better for adults who are part of the best brand for babies. Someone sent us a box of tricks to try to have changed my life.

To clean my face, I take one of these pillows (from reusable containers standup who lives in my sink) and put some oil on there, basically what is happening around, whether argan Coconut, Neroli I have used it and then I wipe my face down with her. If I feel I'm not all that, I repeat with the other side.

Now, sometimes the ball will stop there, because this routine leaves me both clean and lubricate the bed (I do before bed). Other times, I'll go the extra mile and spray with a mist of my beautiful tone, maybe add a little more oil or a favorite moisturizer. Then rinse the pad with a little soap and water and put it in the bag for clothes always with small towers and hook to hang in the window of my bathroom. I love the laundry bag! When full, throw the bag in the washer and dryer and then fill the stand. It has not, but I can not wait.

So, the whole thing! I'm definitely down every trick and dirt, while maintaining that the entire top level of the skin hydrated and happy. I do not get oily or breakout of this process, if anything, seems to help balance my skin. Of course, I bathed my face in the shower, and sometimes give a touch of fun, but most days not only involves a lot of laundry this Gal.
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