Mac Cosmetics Eye Makeup

You want a glamorous look with incredible eyes? Get the Mac cosmetics eye makeup in 8 easy steps. You will need ten minutes to make up and the process to get the desired look delicious, is very easy. The process of applying eye makeup by MAC Cosmetics is below:

Step 1: Using Corrector Mac cosmetics to prepare your eyes

The first up to use while your eyes are dark circles look amazing. It is used to cover the circles were formed under the eyes. Sometimes a bluish discoloration is subject to the inner eye, which can also be covered with concealer. Use 3 drops of dark circles by Mac Cosmetics under each eye and start clapping away from the inner corner, followed by the student and the outer edge until Corrector disappears.

Step 2: Apply the base of the eyelid

Base of the eyes is a very important ingredient in the trunk lid so that the shadow remains for hours. If the trunk lid is not good, and then eye shadow only become a thick line at the top.

Step 3: Apply Eyeliner

There are two types of coatings Mac Cosmetics Eye on the market - a pencil and liquid liner. Put your elbow on a hard surface, hold the eyeliner like a pen, resting the wrist in the face and then apply the same around the eye area to highlight the eyes.

Step 4: Apply the eyes

If you want to make her look beautiful, you should use an eye shadow and apply 3-tonic eyelid to the eyebrow. The colors blend into each other to make it look beautiful. To get a look, use a light color that is close to the eyelid. Now, sweep the same color of light in the lid and apply it to the brow bone. This is followed by applying the average of color on the eyelid only. Now, use a darker color in the crease and blend well.

Step 5: Use a highlighter

At this point, Mac Cosmetics highlighter can be used as part of the inside of the eye, which highlights the eye and makes it more visible. Try to use light eye shadow in this case.

Step 6: Brow Highlight

Now is the time to highlight the eyebrows. The eye shadow should be lighter and recorded on the brow bone. While the application of the same, focusing on the outside mid forehead. The fingers can be used for mixing.

Step 7: Curl Eyelashes

Use an eyelash curler for long eyelashes and beautiful even more beautiful. If someone wants to add effects, you can heat the curler for a few seconds under a hair dryer. In this case, you must be very careful in using the curler, as it may burn during the use thereof.

Step 8: Apply mascara

Now use the brush to paint your mask Mac Cosmetics lashes, both the upper and lower. Place the brush at the base of the lashes and move here and there to get the look you want.

These are the eight stages of manufacture your eyes beautiful and glamorous. Buy concealer, eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara Mac Cosmetics make your eyes look glamorous. You can get cosmetics brand, but cheap in cosmetic wonders. These cosmetics are available at 70% discount from retail prices, even at this online store. Get Mac Cosmetics now wonders discount.

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