Hair Color 2011

Hair Color
Method of natural hair color is very convenient: no need to follow if the roots of the hair and must be treated or not. In addition, it is beautiful because there is a better style than nature. Soft, natural colors do not irritate the eyes with a colorful and eccentric. And, of course, natural colors highlight our individuality, because each has its own unique flavor. In 2011, you can be proud of your natural color, whether blonde or brunette, brown or red.If you decide to change the color of your hair, choose colors that are so close to your natural hair color.

Hair color trends 2011 are very bleak. Note the soft tones of the show such as flax, wheat and light fair. Acid, ash gray and white in the past.

Brunette, who loves deep eggplant or a deep black to run your favorite colors to follow fashion. Hairstyle trends for 2011 is to pay attention to the warm colors like chocolate and caramel.

Hair Color
Tablespoons red hair has a wide selection this season all the variations of the color red will be popular. Ginger is allowed from the crowd with his brilliance and individuality. Hair Trends pay much attention to the colors of bronze, gold and copper.

Creative people can increase their tone a little light or dark bands, depending on the primary color. But remember that the transition between the colors should be soft and smooth natural look. You can switch between the different shades of a color. In addition, a gradual change in color along the hair of a shade of dark to light one.
Hair Color
Hair color ideas in 2011 have a predilection for earth tones. But remember that color to. Hair Trends in 2011 assumed the soft natural colors that draw attention to his personality.

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