Decorate For Weddings

Screens are often used to accent the furniture as a divider. These displays can be turned into decorative ornaments, inside or outside marriage. Screens can be decorated with twinkling lights, tulle bows, candles and tea light for a dramatic focal point, or left unadorned for a simple furnishings and sober.

# 1

Win together strands of miniature lights and garlands of ivy and set the flower blooms sporadically throughout the thread. Discussions long enough to deal with all the folds of the screen. The flowers can be real flowers or silk and coordinate with the wedding bouquets or wedding colors

# 2

Put the strands of lights and garlands to screens, using a light gun short. Start in the lower left corner and work your way up the outside edge using staples every 24 inches. When you reach the top, continue to tie the string at the top right and then again the next downturn of the screen. Repeat this process until all the folds are covered with a crown of candles and flowers.

# 3.

Bought the house or the owners of the tea light on one side of the top of the screen. Attach three starters in each section of the screen and place holders in the center of each section, about two meters away.

# 4.

Fill each candle with a real candle, or a safer option to use LED battery tea light candle. These give the same effect as a real candle without the risk of a fire on the wedding day.

# 5

Shape the bow 24-inch long piece of tulle ribbon width (about 3 cm wide) and connect the flower blooms in the middle of the tape. Attach ribbon flower to the opposite side of the screen lights tea. Repeat this process for each part of the folding screen.

# 6

Attach a template to a folding panel screen. Use a pen or spray paint silver or gold paint to add decorative stickers wedding such as wedding bells or rings.

# 7

Add photos of the couple to bend the screen with glue for a personal decoration.

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