Beauty Tips Before The Wedding Day

Wedding day is of major importance in human life. All the girls are very aware of this mega event. I advise all girls to take special care at least a month before the wedding day to look more attractive, fresh and beautiful. Follow the tips below and get stylish look with less cosmetic products:

1). Kings Plan your diet plan, and more fresh fruit juices and healthy eating. Live in stress-free and try to be happy all the time. Morning walks are the best way to get the freshness.

2). Drink plenty of water for the skin appears fresh and tight young and fresh.

Make regular oiling the hair and take care of the hands and feet. Make manicure and pedicure at home once a week. For the method of manicure and pedicure read the message "No manicure and pedicure at home" in the category of hand and foot care in this blog.

4). Rub olive oil on the nails in the round of movements and use gloves when working in the garden or washing the dishes.

5). Do not clean the skin and lemon compresses, haldi, kiss and sandalwood. Mix the powder of these things in milk or rose water and apply to skin daily for at least 15 days before the wedding.

6). Apply the mixture to mix henna amla, Shikakai, Reeth, egg white and water for tea. Apply this paste once a month and a half. Leave the mixture overnight before applying and leave on hair for two or three hours for hair shiny and silky.

Take a beautician in advance and ask for his specific skin care tips to the nature of the skin and is 2-3 facing professional beautician. Wash your face with cold water mix rose water of each treatment.

Your eyes should look very fresh and clear. To this end, put 2 or 3 drops of water has increased from two to three times a day in his eyes. This will make your look is cooler.

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