Decoration Wedding Dance Floor

The wedding day comes closer and closer, and after selecting the location you have spent a lot of time thinking about how to decorate your wedding dance floor. You give great importance as it will be the center of attention when you open the receipt of your first dance. In addition, you want everything to be just perfect and fit the rest of the wedding.

When thinking of wedding decorations dance floor, you're thinking of something to put on the dance floor, or even around. However, the simplicity and elegance is what you need, then you should try to keep the decorations to a minimum. But all types of marriage and the dance floor, you can choose other forms of decoration.

For example, if you are planning an outdoor wedding, it might be a simple wooden dance floor for your guests. The best decorations, a bed of wild flowers all over the floor, or small potted trees that can be placed in the corners and cut a white ribbon or colored - to respond to the theme of marriage, though - or small lights, if the reception is at night.

Organza flows from the center of the ceiling at the four corners of the dance floor wedding woven with tiny lights are also often used in dance halls and rooms inside, and arches of balloons or flowers. However, if you want something more simple on the inside, just around the wedding ring of only three pieces of organza. Add a little fun on the pillars around the dance floor, and some other links between them and the organza over them like waves. Start with the right front corner and finish with the left front corner, but be sure to stop over flowing organza these purposes. In this way, it looks like an open door.

If such decorations are not exactly what you want, then you might choose to stick monogram directly onto the dance floor, with your name and wedding date or monogram of the same video be projected around the dance floor upon receipt. It's really up to you what you choose, depending on what you want: a romantic wedding or very modern.

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