Eye Makeup

Smoky eye make-up (often called "Little Black make-up") for the evening to see something really dramatic, come with some creative combinations to brighten the eyes and give effect goddess 24k. This will allow you to do a smoky eye make-up. Try it first virtual make-up studio.

"Smoky eyes can only look and look dark skin blackened mud, if done correctly. A warm gold, pure works on all skin tones and makes it look light and sexy."

To begin your smoky eye, the eye shadow to complement your eye color. Brown and hazel eyes look great in gold, blues is pretty in pink roses with golden and green eyes stand out in shades of plum or purple. A touch of gold rose in the middle of the lid or browbone can open your eyes and make them look terribly glowy summer goddess. The same goes for bronze gloss. Plum is dramatic enough to work with instead of eye shadow brown or black, and it looks great on green eyes. Playing with a plum eye smoke using a light purple color on the lid, and a plum in the crease.

Before you take your eye makeup, the skin surface with a base eye shadow for preparing to stay put in power. In general, it is wise to use your foundation and concealer undereye after your smoky eyes, because the color so easily fall around her eyes. Dark colors tend to put on the freshly applied foundation. If you apply your foundation first treatment, your efforts may be wasted when the bits of the shadows come rain.

Start with eye shadow. The dark eye shadow can be applied allover the lid, or lid, depending on the shape of your eye and the look you want. Application of dark colors in the crease and blend upward and outward toward the front of his eyes grew round, and many Asian women prefer to create depth by the eye lids allover dark sweatshirt. For a standard smoke eye, you can try all the eyeshadow on the lid of tin, charcoal in the crease and maintain eyebrows light.

Upper lash line from corner to corner, line the lower lashes in just three quarters of the way, starting from the outer corner of eye. For an intensely smoky eye, dip a flat eyeliner brush in classic liquid eyeliner black (brown or plum brick if you have green eyes) and insert it into the lash line. Do the same with the eyeshadow black powder (plum or brown brick if you have green eyes

Best Lipstick Colors

Beautiful actresses with the best color lipsticks

That pink lipstick is so special to watch, the color is so elegant and very unusual in a beautiful pink color, this elegant pink lipstick will make a special payment, and you will look so beautiful.

So glamorous and beautiful colors of lipstick

Best color of lipstick Brown

Beautiful Peach Lipstick

Best creamy lipstick

Best Wedding Flowers

Flowers Topaz was founded by Mark Mason in 1994. Mark and his family was to create lasting memories for over 20 years. The passion for flowers began when Mark was 14 when he helped the local flower shop on vacation, after school and on weekends. Marc's passion grew over the years, where his creativity has landed clients in the Hamptons Manhattan and everywhere in between. Learn more about Topaz. As a top florist we specialize in: Large inventory of fresh flowers, tropical flowers, dish gardens, European, modern and traditional flower arrangements. High-style floral arrangements, dried floral arrangements, designer wedding flowers, bridal bouquets.

Wedding Ideas Fall glamorous

They need a little 'inspiration to many of the expected fall wedding? This is a great fall wedding ideas to help make this special day elegant and modern. Autumn is definitely a texture, a touch of glamor, rich warm colors, and much more. It's your wedding flowers or reception site, here are wedding tips that pay tribute to this wonderful season.

• textured linen. Autumn is really the texture. And it just means that your tablecloths had to be something that stimulates tissue-tactile and visual senses sophisticated materials such as linen, velvet, silk or Ultra Suede. Try using fabric with multiple textures (like organza with chenille embroidery), or perhaps try Superposition of two layers.

• The time period of napkins. Napkins may be a little 'smart to work specifically with the accents of seasons. It is always possible to tie napkins with a small bundle of millet in the fall of appeal. Find cheap napkin sometimes thrift stores and even department stores. Find a simple napkin rings in silver, gold, resin and other autumn colors. You can always create your own band to use strips of velvet and grosgrain.

• bright accents. For an ultra-fabulous look, combine neutral tones with sudden pops of bright colors. Try to get personalized towel from natural fabrics lined beneath beautiful silk. Ask your florist for NY wedding ideas and fall floral arrangement.

• Glass dramatic. Glass and black glass really add a unique touch to your tables and creative as the vases, cups of onyx or glass. Fill your vase with beautiful colorful flowers to make things more dramatic.

• metallic accents. Silver and gold in the vintage tin bronze and copper metallic accents as long as the statements of fashion for weddings in the fall. Gold / Silver accessories will help facilitate the decor of the room or table. Glass vases are great for centerpieces for cocktails.

• Fall of the aisle. Add a touch of the wedding season, taking wheat or grapes road markers. It's time to harvest the vineyards so it would be fashionable to exchange vows in a vine-covered pergola grape.

• sumptuous and elegant chandeliers. Add an upscale feel to the reception hall with chandeliers dripping with pearls and vintage Swarovski crystals.

• Mood lighting attractions. LED lamps are the hottest trends these days. Start a wedding cocktail effect of the sun, and finally to happen purple sunsets, the ceiling or walls.

Black Skin Care Tips

Tip for Dark Skin 1:

An effective home remedy to cure the problem of dark skin is to mix 1 c. a teaspoon of powdered milk, 1 c. teaspoon honey, 1 c. teaspoon lemon juice and ½ c. a teaspoon of almond oil. Make a paste and apply this to the face. In addition to fire suppression, but also make the skin glow.

Dark skin Tip 2:

Take some oatmeal with curd and tomato juice. Apply this mixture on your face and hold for about 20 minutes. Wash your face with cold water.

Tip 3 dark:

Potato appears to be a very good bleach. Cut a potato and keep them on the face. This would facilitate the marks.

Tip 4 brown skin:

Take some turmeric powder and add a few drops of lime juice. Apply this on the darkened area. This will help to reduce the effective tanning.

Dark skin Tip 5:

Dry some orange peels. Then mix in a bowl of curd. It would be beneficial to remove tan. Hold this for about 15 minutes and wash with cold water.

Tip for Dark Skin 6:

Another remedy would be as effective in the removal of 4 almonds soaked in water and keep overnight. Grind the almonds to a paste. Apply the paste to bedtime. In the morning, was out of the dough with cold water. This explains the dark skin.

Tip for Dark Skin, 7:

Take one tablespoon of chickpea flour and mix with 2 c. Tea raw milk and 2-3 drops of lemon juice. Apply this mixture and let stand 15 minutes before rinsing.

Dark skin Tip 8:

Mint leaves work well to remove the dark skin. Take a few fresh mint leaves from the ground and make a lot of it. Hold it for 15 minutes, then rinse.

Tips for Dark Skin 9:

Grate the tomato and add 2-3 drops of lemon to it. Apply this mixture on your face and hold for 15 minutes. Repeat twice a day for best results.

Tip for Dark Skin 10:

It is recommended to increase the intake of water. More water is emptied more toxins from the body and therefore has a more luminous skin.

As for the diet are whole grains, vegetables, fruits, vegetables, etc. in your diet.

Beauty Tips Before The Wedding Day

Wedding day is of major importance in human life. All the girls are very aware of this mega event. I advise all girls to take special care at least a month before the wedding day to look more attractive, fresh and beautiful. Follow the tips below and get stylish look with less cosmetic products:

1). Kings Plan your diet plan, and more fresh fruit juices and healthy eating. Live in stress-free and try to be happy all the time. Morning walks are the best way to get the freshness.

2). Drink plenty of water for the skin appears fresh and tight young and fresh.

Make regular oiling the hair and take care of the hands and feet. Make manicure and pedicure at home once a week. For the method of manicure and pedicure read the message "No manicure and pedicure at home" in the category of hand and foot care in this blog.

4). Rub olive oil on the nails in the round of movements and use gloves when working in the garden or washing the dishes.

5). Do not clean the skin and lemon compresses, haldi, kiss and sandalwood. Mix the powder of these things in milk or rose water and apply to skin daily for at least 15 days before the wedding.

6). Apply the mixture to mix henna amla, Shikakai, Reeth, egg white and water for tea. Apply this paste once a month and a half. Leave the mixture overnight before applying and leave on hair for two or three hours for hair shiny and silky.

Take a beautician in advance and ask for his specific skin care tips to the nature of the skin and is 2-3 facing professional beautician. Wash your face with cold water mix rose water of each treatment.

Your eyes should look very fresh and clear. To this end, put 2 or 3 drops of water has increased from two to three times a day in his eyes. This will make your look is cooler.

Indian Mehndi Designs

Hair Shine

Shine serums are very popular in hairspray and give it a shine and radiation. However, there is no need to buy a bottle of shine. You can make your hair a natural shine, without adding chemicals.

Some foods will enhance the natural shine of your hair, and also add strength and administration. Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables will give your hair lots of vitamins produce shine.

If you are thirty or more, you may notice your hair has begun to dull. As we age, natural compounds in the body begins to change and the production slows down. The eyes begin to show the lines, the skin is less firm, and the hair loses its luster.

Slows the production of thyroxine in the body is the reason for your hair is not as bright as the past. However, you can add to this production by eating foods that are feature-rich seaweed to help stimulate the natural production of thyroxine, which in turn illuminates the hair.

Add a few grains in the diet is good advice to increase the brightness. Bean is running two major functions for aging hair. To increase the brightness and healthy looking hair, but also prevent the loss of pigment in the hair. Eating beans regularly will prevent white and gray hairs sprout, so be sure to add to your diet.

One of the quickest and easiest ways to add a little 'and super shiny gloss coating of hair is the cold water. Although not everyone can be treated by washing the hair with cold water, you can at least give yourself a cold water rinse. When you're done with your shower, turn the taps for cold and give yourself a refreshing cold water rinse. Except that revitalizes the skin and close all your pores, it is guaranteed to give the hair shine.

Braids Wedding Hairstyles For Brides

And 'wedding season now, is looking for a new wedding hairstyles for long hair? why do not you try braiding your hair, some of the most popular styles of braiding around the crown with style and grace of a long hair or short, some of my favorite bridal hairstyles with braids are those that if you take the three sections of hair and get them to create a French braid down the back, lace, the ends of the ribbon curling tips.

French braid hair wedding is one of the most popular techniques that are available through the more sophisticated wedding hairstyles and trendy. Through the use of these braids are the perfect combination of classic and modern styles that can be integrated in the hair styles are available for weddings and other formal braided styles that can be perfect for the beach or semi-formal wedding. With the options that are available, the bride may choose new innovations in hair accessories that can be used in the same style or make use of conventional options in her hair, incorporating braids into a bun classic French style .

Using magazines can help you get the latest trends in weddings and trends can be seen, the bride can choose the best suited to the wedding and the theme for the occasion.

Find inspiration for these hairstyles braids for brides is simple, because there are hundreds of photos that can be found online. Learn the methods used to weave French may even allow the bride to create styles in the home, and can be a great way to get the look you want with the wedding.

Wedding hairstyles few easy to make and maintain, but can be more difficult to understand how to choose. Looking through the pictures wedding hair braided, and photo galleries will give you an idea of ​​how the style will look on you if you have dark hair, blond hair, straight or curly.

Hair Styles 2010-2011

A return in 1980 hairstyles, 1980 styles can be created using hair spray. Crimp Ponytail great wrinkles, and of course a tight curls.

After all, your hair is considered to be your crown. The smallest change you can do for your fresh cut, can lead to a lasting influence on how you totally look like. 2011 Learn the trends and popular styles of hair for the New Year fresh. Also remember to be inspired by celebrities for the best fresh ideas for new hairstyles hairstyles 2011.

We all know how important hair is our most notable feature women. If a woman hair looks great, it feels good. Fresh, beautiful hairstyles will surely make you feel good, and they help you find more joy in your life. There will be cuts that you better look, whatever the shape of your face, here's a quick guide to what to look for and what to avoid. Favorites was their claim to the perfect hairstyle, the same is the cut more flattering on almost every face type. A little shaggy layers, how? Here are some tips. Layer is the key layers are better left to the front and is designed to frame the face, but never go on the eye earlobes fresh or short hair above the long hair of charge.

There are several factors to consider when choosing a hair style by short, if you think you like short haircuts fresh medium and you should also look at all short haircuts and hairstyles half cool cool. I always thought the perfect style can only be achieved when considering all the variables, such as hair fresh new shortcut must match your lifestyle on the personalities of the time constraints of the body shape of the form the face hair hair texture and eye color density of the skin.

We must create a sense of balance between your face head and body for those interested in having a shorter hair fresh and free to take care of all the long hair styles these costs may be exactly what you need most hairstyles s adapt all ages and hair color is easy adjustment expenses not to let these be a tool to narrow your list of potential hairstyles or fresh cuts costs. How to choose the perfect hairstyle cool when you are considering a new haircut costs and looking for a new haircut style fees, here are some suggested resources professional stylists can be found everywhere you look. You can find so many different styles hair cut. In the short and medium hairstyles layers are best suited for the surface layer of triangular shape of the hair with fullness at the crown would be better for your face look pear-shaped to oblong face bobs and cuts choppy layers are best.

The diamond-shaped face hairstyle to go for fresh, which is the width at the top and bottom and the sheen of a wider face hairstyle chin length with a temple on the outskirts of the temple has the best potential for the face diamond shape. Pear-shaped symmetrical face haircut is a narrow forehead, wide cheeks and jaw line to focus on the fullness of the temple, and makes an elegant suburb, on the cheeks and jaw line.

Search for a hair salon for curly hair fresh difficulties with naturally curly hairstyles include some loops to grow in the right direction to keep hair in good condition, which is why women should go straight to curly an expert in curly Fresh new styles for 2011 hairstyles. Good luck to all new Year.After your hair is considered to be your crown. The smallest change you can do to your hair can cause a lasting influence on the way seems totally like.

Hair Color Ideas

If someone decides that it is a beautiful color of your hair, you should always put a lot of attention at first. We recommend that you continue to get your hair professionally completed usually a better choice than (let's face inside it), people probably know what they are doing more sophisticated than you. Of course, this is an expensive, are dedicated to the Build-it-yourself effort, then this is some suggestions on how to avoid disaster.

The first rule is that the color of the box is definitely not necessarily what the desired end product. The hair of each person is different and its natural color now play a role in the easiest way is. It is vital that you are not going into some of the colors green light associated with its unique color. Otherwise, you end up paying a visit to the hairdresser anyway.

How you determine the color of things to pass depends on your complexion. Dark, Olive, and even the pale tones of the dermis are worthy of many colors should select people who fit one person.

For example, if you intend to die your hair look dark or black may be the way it tends to match the color of their skin. Those with the darkest side can go faster with dark colors such as pale become not vanish as the dark curly hair. Now if you have very dark, then it is likely that the best way to select blue / black color indicator that this severe can break the skin.

The red color is very different in that there are shades open to answer almost all. It's only a matter of deciding on the right. The first attempts to avoid choosing extreme red wines that can be easily easily lead to disaster. Dark plum color may well be subtle, but it can have a good effect. For feeling brave then dark red all may sound very nasty. Everyone can usually get a small amount of red, usually individuals who withdraws largest element has a particular skin color. They live on the red rose revealing their skin go for a warm does not need the land.

Regardless of how you should go with the hair color is very important to begin to deal with the hair. Aussie Conditioner Conditioners example to keep your curly hair look brighter, while the mane Nicky Clarke products will be able to add that finishing that.

Prosperous swarthy brown lowlights and even dark red very nicely developed draws a focus on the skin. Golden color looks the best red dim, not to mention auburns, and should not be used as a means of bright yellows, oranges, or perhaps a bright gold when the skin appears normal track. Lille or a fairly good skin looks great ash, honey, not to mention neutral colors. As you age, you need to lighten the color a bit 'to support the current mix of a particular course, going gray hair and prevent so many trips in Salon.

Bridal Shoes In The UK

Years after the dawn of civilization and of modern design, footwear and innovation have seen a very important change was in accordance with the requirements of individuals every day. Advanced technology has allowed the new models by the mass production of new shoes and trendy items. If you want to know what kind of innovation has been introduced, for example, you can start with wedges, flats and dress shoes, and find the number of such innovations ..

The fact is, that these innovations began to be a part of the creation and production of shoes, because they had to be suitable for the latest fashion trends. , When your marriage preparation is necessary to find hundreds of details, including White Wedding Shoes UK was also very important to your bridal look. Oman British wedding party, you must have all the equipment, footwear and other ordered through your local supplier ..

The Internet takes you to different places to present their white wedding shoes in Britain did, but "Wedding Shop" is more complex in this case - to present a wide range of wedding shoes white. In fact, this site is designed to offer a wide range of bridal shoes, shoes bridesmaid and prom shoes, evening shoes and ladies. Among this shoe, there is a wide selection of wedding items, such as a wide variety of accessories related to wedding planning and celebration ..

When a site in a complex fact, "Wedding Shop", will present his collection of British white wedding shoes made with the price attached to the pair. These white bridal shoes come in different materials and designs that will determine the bride to have difficulty deciding on the specific pair. The drawings are the most popular both for its price and design: