Step 1: Making your art butterfly nail design, assemble your materials.

You must use the nail plate to the base coat, hot pink nail polish, nail polish green, black velvet nail polish, nail polish with silver finish coat and toothpick.

Step 2: Apply a base coat.

Apply the base coat nail enamel Platinum. You can apply two coats with a dark background, and even a butterfly design.

Step 3: Scratch your nails.

While the nails are still wet, get the toothpick and scrape away the nails to make a butterfly design.

Step 4: Paint the scratched.

Scrape the paint with bright pink nail polish, but be sure not to have all the mess, while painting the image of the butterfly.

Step 5: Put it points to a butterfly.

Get green glaze nail polish and put points on the wings of a butterfly design. This will make your nails more realistic.

Step 6: Make the black line of the butterfly.

Use the nail enamel paint Black Velvet and a black line in the center of the image of the butterfly. This is the body of the butterfly nail art.

Step 7: dry nails.

Allow to dry your nails to avoid damaging the nail art, then apply the top coat, which protects and seals the nail art butterfly at the same time. You can use a light silver polish to make your design style, and seems more elegant. This also makes the nail art last longer.
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