Red Or Dead Founder Wayne Advice To Students

The founder of the label Red or dead spoke to students at the launch of their summer show, which hit the podium at the Borough Hall, Hartlepool.

He said: "It does not matter what background you come from the design is a great leveler, it's about ideas.

"It is essential for students to keep an open mind when they complete their studies. Just because you train as an architect does not mean you have to be an architect. "

"Creativity is an absolute blessing. If you can design clothes that can be done with the goal of a designer is that you can improve your life."

He told the audience, began his musical career and was forced to design clothes for strength

He said: "I spent all of our leases so the band had to find money somewhere.

"My girlfriend always had clothes and gave second-hand suit. So we had a drop down Camden market and took € 100 in the first day."

He then obtained an order from Macy's drawings of New York and the red label or was stillborn.

Now he focuses his efforts on the Community market is based on living ecological.

The fashion show consists of 20 collections from students is the initial training in fashion design and production or honors degree in business fashion.
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