How To Keep Your Beautiful Face

 Beautiful Face
The skin is one of the principal organs of the body, it is amazing how the focus is in the care of her. The skin is also the most visual of all the organs and skin care means a better and healthier. Our genetics, race and age play a role in our skin type. What happens to our skin to our diet, hormones, environment and climate in which we live can help us determine how to choose the best products for skin care and the most effective way to address our problems. We will describe four common skin types:


1. Drinking eight glasses of water a day. Fatty acids are wonderful. When the ground flax seed meal or a healthy drink, rich in lignans and omega-3 fatty acids that gives you help maintain your skin.

 Beautiful Face
2. Dry skin can affect any age group but is more common as we age. It's uncomfortable and narrow, often with dry plates that can be irritated and itchy. Due to the lack of oil, dry skin is prone to fine lines and wrinkles appear. If your skin is dry, use moisturizer frequently under makeup and before bed to enhance comfort and reduce your chances of unwanted lines.


4. Use Vaseline or petroleum jelly on your face and apply on the top and sides of the mouth and sides of the eyes in the crow's feet tend to appear. Have you noticed the parallel of some people who have oily skin and seems to appear much younger than people of the same age who have dry skin?

 Beautiful Face
5. Use make-up, which is free of these products to mitigate the oily appearance. You do not want to walk around with a big shiny face.

6. Develop or steam your face for at least five days a week, so that you sweat. This helps keep the pores clean. You must do this if you use Vaseline on your face because it can clog the pores over time, if you do not.

7th Wash your face at night with a hydrating solution.

 Beautiful Face
8. Do not cook for yourself in the sun. The sun is very strong. Sun Stop Solution to help.

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