Red Wedding Dress

A long dress and white because it is a symbol of Victorian Brides. However, these days, more and more women want to buck tradition and wear a wedding dress, which corresponds more closely to their personal style. Why not have the courage to wear a red wedding dress instead?

Did you know that in China, red is the traditional color for brides, because it symbolizes good luck and is believed to have the power to ward off evil spirits? So if a white wedding dress is not your style, the red is really a wonderful omen of color wedding dresses. It 'true that in American culture to wear a red wedding dress is made possible declaration of independence, or to break with tradition, so be prepared for a fun look to the older generation.

There are fabulous opportunities for red wedding dresses. They may be red evening gowns for special orders for custom wedding dresses classic, made of a red substance. As with a simple white dress, wedding dress should be chosen depending on the time and place of marriage, as well as match the bride herself. One thing to look for when choosing a red dress is that it still feels "Bridey" enough, in other words, you do not want to end up looking like a bridesmaid.

Speaking of bridesmaids, what should be used when the bride was a red dress? You should be careful when choosing a color that will look good with red during the ceremony and for pictures. For an evening wedding, black can be a good option for agents. The final effect is a sophisticated wedding. Another color that can be combined with a wedding dress in red is a rich purple. Red and purple all looks very majestic and real, especially if done in a velvet for a winter wedding. Or opt for a complete change, and dress the bridesmaids in red dress target to shoot for the bride. Whichever color you choose for your wedding, you can have Swarovski crystal earrings with a touch of red to tie everything together.

As for the dress of the bride herself, there are some good ideas there. At a wedding I attended, the bride wore a red tulle skirt, paired with a tailored custom black corset. The fitted bodice with full skirt made for a dramatic and very flattering. It would be the boldest end of the spectrum of red wedding dresses, perfect for a bride who is confident in his own taste and style.

Red is a color that never knew of a wedding dress, but can be done in a less dramatic. For an evening wedding, consider a dress of deep red silk with a plunging neckline Dupioni vivid portrait and a trumpet skirt. Your guests will be dazzled by his elegant suit. Another great idea is to wear a strapless dress and a skirt in a classic scarlet red silk satin. Timeless cut will be a nice contrast to the choice of colors. Complete your look with a beautiful pair of earrings married Swarovski crystals on a combination of red and clear.

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