Pick Your Best Pair Of Sunglasses

"According to the Optical Laboratories Association (eye-wear Industry Association), people are going to counter sunglasses have in mind two questions:" How the glass look like? "And," It 'dark enough? "You have to take into account these problems, but also photos of other concerns.

Do sunglasses really protect your eyes?

Yes, think of them as a sunscreen for the eyes. Protect your eyes from wind, dust and drying, and UV (ultraviolet), visible light, and glare. Many experts believe that lifetime exposure to UV radiation helps cause cataracts and other eye disorders, but there is some controversy over the amount of sunlight hurts, or what percentage of the falls are a result. Blue, of the visible spectrum, it can damage the retina and impair vision. It makes sense to protect your eyes. Sunlight and glare is unpleasant, even painful, and can be dangerous if you drive or play sports. "

This is a cataract, which scares me. When I was little and my eyes, I'm sure I heard optomotrist I have a cataract, when I'm older. I do not know because he said it, or if I'm dreaming of everything, but it's always been down in my mind.
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And now, my mother (for the later years) underwent laser surgery to remove them. It seems that they may be running in the family. But, if I can do something to prevent them or slow them down, I'm all for it. This is why I had to order my sun glasses with my recipe that I use a couple of travel.

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