Wedding Dance

You are about to get married. Now is the time to plan everything for your wedding and reception is one of them. You want it to be different, so you decide to use a wedding dance with a new husband, as a symbol of fun you are going to be married to him. You decide to start dancing a traditional marriage, and then breaks something strange. Maybe the chicken dance, perhaps a collection of dances of the sixties or the disco! The possibilities are endless, you can let your imagination go crazy! You can also decide to make a video for posterity! And 'your wedding, after all.

Therefore, it comes to deciding how to make this like nothing you've seen before. Decide how to make that decision. There are dances that are particularly important to you? The rotation, reflection, double chicken? Think about it. It may even be that you and your boyfriend go to a dance studio to practice before the dance actually takes place. If this is important to you, why not do the best you can?

Find a dance studio and decide what music you want to use and what dances you want to do. If you have filmed the whole wedding, the reception is included. If you do not have the video ready, make sure you have a reliable person to take the video. It would be a shame to put all the work and have not saved.

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