Traditionally, Wedding Dance

You plan your wedding alone, and you do not want to have a wedding coordinator. You want something simple, so do yourself, you want something creative at the same time. Yet you do not want to break with tradition too, so you try to find what action to all parties of the marriage comes after what.

So now you're trying to plan the music at the reception. You know there are traditional dances performed at a wedding and trying to see what happens first. To know the first dance, as the title says it all, but the rest?

You are so right. The first dance to perform at the wedding is the first dance, the opening reception. It can be performed before or immediately after meals, and your way of saying that you are now starting a new life together. It is also the time when you say that all people can dance all they want now.

After the first dance of dance usually follows the parents. First, the bride and her father to dance a song that means something to them. Here, sometimes the father will choose a song to dance with his daughter, the wife will think of the best song to dance with her pick, but now they both make decisions and to choose the song.

Then the groom dances with his mother and the selection of the song is as in the previous case. They will dance to their personality and skills, and they will then give way to other dances at wedding: wedding dance. Now everyone in marriage, that married couple, their parents, siblings, and the bridesmaids and groomsmen are invited to get on the dance floor.
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After this, all the other guests to come on the dance floor waiting for the other traditional dances take place: dance, garter and money for a dance. The last is optional, many couples do not want to do it again, so if you miss, you can go directly to the last dance, which is a way to say goodbye to your guests.

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