Fashion Rio Dresses

It must be nice to live in a country like Brazil. If you do not agree with me in advance, you will in a moment. Imagine that, it's fashion week, the tracks are flooded with short dresses, bold colors and striking flowers. But the collections are not in summer. They want to blast, collections of colorful flowers for the winter.

The theme of the week Fashion Rio 2009 is the recycling and environmental sustainability in fashion. What better way to reflect what a lot of parts of flowers, bright color, texture? My favorite collection so far is Giulia Borges, who, in keeping with the theme, has combined innovative designs, textures and materials to create amazing tribal costumes that are so ready to use gladly would have walked right into my closet and take home. This is definitely a designer to view, as I'm giving the world domination is in the Brazilian style gas.

I was also impressed with the child ahead Coven hairy dark dresses. A cross between Felder Felder and Givenchy with a touch of Brazilian carnival, this collection has been marked by popular and friendly with a good dose of originality and courage. Similarly, the military Redley thematic exhibition, held in the framework of lush forest, put an interesting twist on a trend. The models in this collection caught my attention and I have compared these models to the standard question of camouflage, gray, I imagined the models could easily blend into a background of flowers of dazzling colors to form an army of flowers.

Fashion Week Rio has only just begun, but it was a veritable garden of delights in the grass. Now I'm holding your breath to see what the rest of the week it is!

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