Aromaleigh Pink Orange And Visualization

EYE, the color scheme to make

We will continue with the eyes, the shadows are combined heat or cold depending on skin tone, which qualify the eye with eye shadow in beige and vanilla, then apply selected keeping in mind how the eyes.

Good advice: Do not use eyeliner, because we run the risk that U.S. threats, better use a pen that is very oily, dark black, dark brown (if too blonde, the effect is the natural color and harmonious) or if your eyes spotted if eggplant colored pencil makes honey tone green.

Small Eyes Makeup Tricks

If they are small, the shadows are going to use clear eyes only alargaremos from the middle of the eye outward, two parpado and the area of ​​lower lashes.

TIPS FOR A big eyes

If the eyes are very large can use darker shades of eyelid, the shadow of the lower eyelid of black with gray, black or brown pencil and pen charcoal and abroad.

SEPARATE EYES makeup tricks

If the eyes are carrying out very different, the dark shadow in the pelvic region of the eyes there is a closeness between the two and have a little area outside of the eye shadow.

Make-up tricks with your eyes

If on the other hand are close to each other in the pool area of ​​the eye to run a very bright color, so that we can distinguish from optimal, dark shadow of his ever parpado apply the upper lashes and the outer region .


Current tab to be a master teacher, black, dark brown and the lower lashes to make better colorless with a mask.

We will use a binder to keep the lips all the time possible colors.

We perfilaremos outline your lips with a lip color as the one we are going to use, or simply use gloos tone and follow the trends of this season.

It gives a sophisticated touch of blusher

Blush shades of terracotta moray eels, or shades of pink or peach skin to clarify the form of a comma.

The icing on the cake

And finally we will solve with eyebrow hair fixative so that they are aligned.

Remember to use a moisturizer to put Spay divided up and leave skin radiant.

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