Tips For Healthy Hair Trichologist

Highlight the strengths of your natural hair color can give a glow to your whole look. If you have a small red light and I want to emphasize is clean colored with marigold flowers and dried saffron threads. Steep a handful of marigold flowers and a generous pinch of saffron 600 ml (1 pint) of boiling water. Let stand at least two hours, strain and use a conditioner rinse.

There's nothing like henna to dye hair and pure air. It is a vegetable dye from the dried leaves of an Egyptian privet. The powder is mixed with boiling water into a paste, such as brown-green mud, then apply with a brush or your fingers (with gloves, of course, to avoid staining). The work of henna in the first roots and then along the hair shaft, gradually covering the entire head section for each section of the road mesh & roll, once it has been processed. The end result will be different, depending on the exact shade of your hair. It is always advisable to try, try henna dye on a short chain of hair. Time exactly how many minutes remained, so you can be sure of ending the shadow of the right when stained whole head. Henna should not be used on hair that has just suffered something of a chemical treatment, such as dyes, tints, dyes or permanent, affecting the coloring process.

* Tips for Hair Health # 1 ~ ~ Daily Shampoo and condition your hair after handling routine.

* Tips for Hair Health # 2 ~ ~ Use a mask of the scalp, which is one or two weeks, a healthy scalp leads to healthy hair.

* Tips for Hair Health # 3 ~ ~ Opt for a pre-shampoo deep moisturizing hair mask as a treatment of the hair.

* Tips for Hair Health # 4 ~ ~ pasta scalp is the worst in winter, so the occasional use of Philip Kingsley pastry / Itchy Scalp Shampoo may be an additional benefit from treatment of the hair.

* Health Overlay # 5 ~ ~ Do not brush hard. Use a soft brush, preferably with vents and rubber brushes that have rolled ends for a unique style, to maintain healthy hair.

* Health Boards hair # 6 ~ ~ If you use a hair dryer, not too dry. Stop when the hair is dry, is about more seconds the hair is dry, which can cause damage, which would require additional treatment of hair.

* Health Overlay # 7 ~ ~ Apply a style using hydration and protection for protection from wind and cold, concentrating on the ends to keep hair healthy during the winter.

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