Tips And Advice To Conduct A Routine Facial Care Facial Skin

A routine daily care of the face is essential for healthy skin and beautiful.

If possible, try to cope with the routine daily care of the skin twice daily, once in the morning and at night.

Eventually, this routine will become second nature to you and you'll end up doing the "autopilot".

Do not worry, you do not need expensive products or special equipment.

This is what you need for most basic routines:

* Cleansing Lotion;

* Moisturizing Lotion;

* Cotton wool plug;

* A clean, soft cloth;

* Five minutes of your time.

There are additional steps and

products if you want to use.

Just start with the basics, and add

a step if your skin needs.

Why do all day?

When you think about it, our skin is our "protection" against environmental factors such as adverse weather conditions and contaminants. In addition to the dust and dirt in general, there are other culprits that clog the pores like sweat and makeup.

All of these are surface of our skin and keep accumulating throughout the day. These particles of dirt, then mixes with dead skin cells, which are beginning to get the surface ready for divorce.

If left intact, this dirt and grime in the corners of fungi and bacteria, which develops and grows over time will give us some skin infections or sores.

Therefore, it is absolutely vital for good care facial cleansing and moisturizing daily to prevent crashes with fungi bacteria.

There are also internal factors related to how healthy or less healthy for our skin looks, and this has to do with our inner cells, healthy cells = healthy skin.


We will start by washing and cleaning of our face to get rid of the dirt that chokes our daily pores.

You can do this in three ways.

Gentle Facial Cleanser #

Wash your face with warm water and a gentle wash of the face that can be purchased at any local pharmacy or drug store. Be sure to clean the neck area too. DAB with a soft, clean cloth.

Do not use scented soaps very difficult because they are the worst things you can put on the face because they are high in pH, which absorbs moisture from your skin and remove the acid mantle (acid thin film on the skin that acts as a barrier to prevent infections and bacteria).

# 2 Cleansing Lotion

Alternatively, it is not necessary to use all the water on the skin and only a mild cleansing lotion which you can clean the face and neck with a cotton swab. So you can literally see the dirt to keep clean cotton wool until the batter is kept clean.

This is particularly useful for sensitive skin (me! - do not use water on my face

# 3 foam cleaning and laundry

If you really want to make sure you get your skin and clean pores, then by all means make a hot water and washing foam (as in 1 above) and then do a quick clean with a towel on a ball cotton and a cleansing lotion.

3 Step System

Follow this 3 Step

Facial System


Now you have a nice and clean, the dirt without a face, you need to put back the moisture in it. Use a good moisturizer, which is thick and creamy and gently rub across the face and neck.

Please note that the guidelines for different skin types (dry, oily or sensitive) as moisturizer you need.

More actions

Dyes: Dyes can be used during the cleaning stage, and the first stage of hydration. The general debate on what to do and toner themselves if they are needed. It is up to you.

Scrub: Exfoliation should be done once a week (even daily) and another essential part of a routine of facials. Exfoliating gets deep into pores and helps remove dead skin cells leaving you with this "glow" you.

Facials: Facials are usually done in a beauty clinic with a beautician. You can make your own face at home too, just make sure you set aside enough time to do it properly.

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