Lip Orange

Orange Lip

Orange Lip

Orange Lip photo collage, and

Giambattista Valli and Christian Dior backstage show photos of January Jones image, the image of Scarlett Johansson

I know that you are thinking, "Orange Lips, come to Mary, I do not think!"

I can hear the Darlings, but this is my argument tango-esque pout ...

Believe it or not, actually works to accommodate a multitude of looks / moods. Naughty fun-loving, "" Miami vacay in the spring, "" femme fatale pump "a" so and so smart "

Its versatility has been demonstrated in the spring / summer 2010 shows, where he appeared in a variety of ways.

Orange lips accessorized style crystal chandelier collection Prada crisp. The pout was seen Tango Galliano at Christian Dior fatal woman. He also appeared on Giambattista Valli 1920 collection inspired beautiful.

Other bridges where the vibrant citrus lip had made a stop at Henry Holland, etc.

Judgement of the bridge, has a host of celebrities rocking the trend lip orange. Love Tangerine burned lips on a smoldering fire in January Jones! Adore you!

There is a shade of orange lipstick to meet all budgets. Barry M Lipstick lips in orange paint is a steal at £ 4.10 and is perfect if you do not want to spend too much to try this trend.

MAC shadow £ 12.50 Morang is one of my favorites. I like to use it and pretend I'm sipping a cocktail of apple, all hot in Miami Beach.

Last but no less rich, I can not wait to try Yves Saint Laurent Pure Lipstick in Orange Sari from £ 20.00

Until the weather warms up, my lips orange from my desire to help all summer.

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