Tips For Strong Nails And Healthy

 Tips For Strong Nails And Healthy

Hands and nails are in contact with soaps and detergents daily when we do our daily tasks. These not only play havoc on the skin but also nails, making them rough, dry and brittle, causing them to chip and break easily. Here are some tips to protect your hands and nails.

- Wear rubber gloves to wash their tasks

Massage cream on the hands and nails every day, especially after the use of detergents and soaps -. Put the cream on each nail and nail massage and skin around it in a circular motion with your thumb. Daily massage is even more important during the dry season to prevent brittleness and restore the health of your nails.

- Pour a cup of warm milk in a bowl. Dip your hands in it for five minutes to strengthen nails and soften the skin.

- Avoid using very hot water to soak your hands as this may cause dryness of the skin and nails.

- If you have brittle nails, avoid frosted nail polish

- For brittle nails are enough protein and calcium in your diet. Include skim milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, fish and cabbage in your diet

- Follow the ten days of the program, taking into gelatin. Dissolve the gelatine in a tablespoon of boiling water. Cool and add water to fruit juice. Is this every day for ten days.
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