Summer Make-up Tips

Summer is just around the corner and with it comes the scorching sun and all that is good too. Tis the season to get a perfect tan and protecting your body against sunburn, dry lips and skin sunburned. It does not mean that you must complete all cosmetics and makeup. You can still have fun summers doing some simple tips that I am here to tell you.

* Not following a lipstick in the summers. Summer means a light makeup and lipstick simply not be suitable for the appearance.

* Curly hair tends to get in the summers because of the drought. Moisturize your hair and use a rich conditioner. Also, protect your hair against sun and dust by wearing a scarf or a hat that will also look trendy.

* If your skin is already damaged, use a light base to hide and then apply the nude shades look natural.

* Shadow dull or shimmering bronze tones cheekbones can give glamorous tan that looks finished.

* Sunglasses protect your eyes only, and avoid the facial skin from the sun, use sunscreen SPF 30 every two hours.

* For yellow nails, apply a layer of clear coat that gives nails look great.

* Use shades of lipstick makeup summer naked as it is subtle.

* If the ball becomes soft lipstick and keep in the refrigerator and it will be fine.

* You do not need heavy makeup for the eyes in summer. Just a touch of mascara and a little 'eye-liner highlights your eyes.

* With the sweat, the Department may begin to lose its shape. So to avoid it, mix it with some powder in bulk and it will be fresh throughout the day.

* For blush, use some liquid texture of the sun kissing stir to replace all the warm shadows.
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