Holiday Party Makeup

Strong eyeliner, red lips and eyebrows in bold make-up trends to increase the rent (2009), something unabashedly retro. If you want to talk to a cocktail party, they all go in 1940, inspired make-up of the party. Start practicing your star vintage look of a 1940 attempt to recover the virtual make-up studio.

"Rock and Retro-party make-up with the hottest holiday trends enamel. Profondo a plum, gray and blood red"

To get the look of the 1940 cover girl, naked, or apply a shimmering white shadow on the lid, and only a popular line of lashes with black liquid eyeliner, is swept away by the curves is a small effect like a kitten. Soften the line passes over charcoal eye shadow (applied to dry or wet eyeliner brush), but does not stain, or "smoke" out of it as a bold, clean lines is characteristic of the 1940 make-up. If you want more dramatic make-up display, holiday, try the sparkling eye shadow plum palette of chocolate or not. In both cases it can be applied to the crease, and swept outward and upward.

Care of the arch of the eyebrows in a few basic steps. Brush with a brow comb and fill it with an eyeshadow or brow powder one shade lighter than your natural hair color. Rating arches perfectly shaped eyebrows with a template or simply take special care to fill in eyebrows more generous than usual, paying attention to the top of the arc.

"Slim" and define the contours of the face, highlighting certain features, such as under the eyebrows, the center of the nose and inner corners of each eye. Put the blush just below the cheekbones (which cool the hairline) to make your face look more stylish and refined as an actress of the period of 1940.

The final touch to your makeup look inspired by the 1940 holidays? Bold red lips. Accentuate the Cupid's bow in the outling a coating of lipstick and fill your pot with a matte red lipstick. Blot with a tissue and reapply to achieve the effect desired by the distribution. If you prefer a wet look, opt for a mint-flavored gloss for those stolen moments under the mistletoe.

1940 Fashion Ideas

Write up of the 1940s saw a hint of drama film by dressing the part. Try a slim pencil skirt, peep-toe pumps and jet beads. Reach for the red or coral when you want to stand out in a sea of ​​little black dresses, looking for luxury touch materials photos. Cashmere wrap or sweater waiting to be stroked, and a silk blouse has an ultra-sensual texture liquid, which is both tempting and tasty. Just for fun, dress the part of a femme fatale in scholar streamlines staples. - Stephanie Simon
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