Arabic Mehndi Design Bridal Collection

Arabic Mehndi simple: a simple water lily or tulip flowers designed in general consist of simple mehndi patterns and styles. A sunflower for the most typical example of flowers is used to create the fingertips. This simple flower only enhances the beauty. On the other hand a beautiful design mehndi involves a single line, such as real turkey wings at the top of the hand also embellish the glory of nature. It is said that half of mehndi enhance the beauty there is also a bride or a normal girl.

Mehndi designs

July 9, 2011


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Arabic Mehndi Designs

India, Arab and other Muslim countries. Mehna art of making a temporary tattoo. You can visit the new collection of Arabic mehndi desigsns here

Arabic Mehndi Designs

Simple Arabic Mehndi: A water lily or the tulip flower design is generally composed of simple Mehndi designs and styles. A typical example of the sunflower is used to create at your fingertips. This button simple flower enhances the beauty. On the back a beautiful Mehndi design involves a single line made such a peacock wings on top of the hand also embellish the glory of nature. It is said that half of Mehndi improve the beauty there is a fracture or even a typical girl.

Henna designs

Bridle Mehndi Arabic: Right here, we can say that it is usually very complicated and remarkable designs. A bride usually wants to cover, or even embellish the house filled with mehndi, as it is a person Mehndi wedding during the wedding ceremony. The wedding ceremony is really out to put the accent on the fantastic designs Mehndi. Therefore, the flange hands, arms and feet are almost always covered with mehndi designs. According to our tradition, it is believed that mehndi is half of the portion corresponding to the flange of the composition.

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