Eyebrow Tips

To get the perfect eyebrows are essential for any beauty of the goddess, and make-up kit is not complete without the eyebrows of the product. Not only is it well-kept eyebrows can open the format and add sparkle to the eyes, but the finishing touch to any look trick. So, here are some tips to make a nice trimmed, shaped and filled with eyebrows.

How do I change them yourself

Of course you can always go to your local salon to get your eyebrows professionally grown, without hair or thread, but it's easier than you might think (and cheaper!) To make your own.

Unless you have very unruly eyebrows, with a lot of hair to remove, make it very simple with a good pair of tweezers. If the skin is stretched tight around the eyebrows as he goes, no pain is minimal. The hardest part is finding the way you want.

For a traditional fit, follow the natural arch of your brow. Most women go for an eyebrow shape that is inclined and curved. Angular shapes are more defined and curved shapes are softer, but both have the following: hair that is square and full at first, but tapers as it reaches the central line of the eyebrow, and becomes progressively thinner again, until it reaches a fine point at the end.

View shaped eyebrows naturally grow and identify the hair is not necessary. Closest to you to remove hair from the essential foundation for the eyebrows. Be sure to maintain the desired shape, use a white pencil or concealer is the hair that you want to remove. You can also buy an eyebrow stencil plastic processing tools for a few beauty shops.

It 's always best to start by removing the hair a little at a time in order to grasp more and more. The first time you tweeze are difficult because when you can keep your beautiful new form before tearing their hair out as they grow.

If you really can not be accessed with tweezers, waxing strips (some of which also come in the form), and depilatory creams are very soft, fine hair.

If you lighten the hair, eyebrows dye can also be obtained with a computer at home or salon.

Types of fillers eyebrow

Eyebrow pencils

Eyebrow pencils are the most popular product of the eyebrows up and there are many options on the market. Eyebrow pencils must be flexible with a color that is easily obtained. Eyebrow pencils can be used for the form, fill it out, darken or lighten the eyebrows. Pick a color eyebrow pencil that matches your natural color, maybe just a little warmer.

When using color pencil in an open room with light, rough strokes appear as real hair. He will compete in the beginning, the middle arch and a cutting edge is tapered at the end. Eyebrow Pencil Wet a darker and more dramatic look. We especially like the pencil Christian Dior Eyebrow Powder that comes in a wide range of colors ranging from blond to black.

Liquid eyebrow color

Looks like a wand of mascara, brow color liquid gels or sets, brilliant race. Liquid color seems particularly good on the rich brown and black eyebrows. Mac Brow Set is also in bright colors to indicate any color of eyebrow.

Eyebrow Powder

Be using a powder eyeshadow or powder created especially for coloring eyebrows, you can get a softer and more powdery, three-dimensional. Many of powder eye shadow comes with an applicator brush and a gel or cream stand together to help keep the powder in place.
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