How To Find Honey Brown Hair

Hair coloring dates back at least to the ancient Romans, and many communities have used herbal solutions to hair dye. Modern hair coloring began in 1909, when a French chemist, invented the first hair color commercial.

What color?

The color is a complex issue, but it's just the way light is reflected by the pigments. Change is the pigment or the type of light, and change the color we see. There are two main types of color: red-yellow (warm colors) and red-blue (cool colors).

How do I know what color they are?

1. If you have:

• A stained ivory, peach, cream, beige, gold or copper colored light or dark, and

· Your eyes are blue, blue-green, brown, light green, yellow or coffee-colored

then you have warm colors and should choose a warm color for your hair (with shades of golden red, gold or honey brown, copper or mahogany).

2nd If you have:

• A dyed pink or beige, dark olive, dark brown or ebony

• Your eyes are light or dark blue, dark green, brown or black

then you have cool hair color honey brown and should choose a cool shade of your hair (highlights of Burgundy, ash or platinum blonde, brown, dark brown, black, gray or white).

What hair?

Hair consists of a tree, as we see, and its root, which is under the skin of a follicle (small wells). The tree is dead. The living part is the follicle, and a few cells just emerging from the bottom of the tree. This is how the hair grows, cells divide at its base, pushing up the curing and development of pigment. Generally, each of our hair grows about ½ inch per month and live somewhere between 3 to 5 years.

The coat is made of keratin, the protein itself, which is our nails and skin, and also some other proteins, and a pigment called melanin. There are two types of melanin: eumelanin (shades of brown or black) and pheomelanin (yellow-blond, ginger and red).

What are the ingredients remain in the hair Honey Brown?

There are two main, ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Ammonia opens the cuticle of the hair color molecules can enter. Hydrogen peroxide bleaches the hair so the new color can be added to create the desired shade. Some permanent colors come with more natural ingredients than others, but will probably be a few synthetic chemicals as well.

How is the hair color has changed?

Hairs on the tube. Outside of the epidermis and within the cerebral cortex with the pigment. All the colors applied through the epidermis and cortex, but not necessarily interact with the natural pigment.

If you have dark hair and want more light, there are two steps: (1) your color is white and (2) the new color added

If you have blond hair and you want darker, is that the first step (2) requires.

Honey Brown Hair is designed in three levels, based on how long the color.

§ Level 1, semi-permanent Hair Honey Brown - The color molecules are very small. They go through the cuticle of the hair in the cortex, which is your natural color, but they can not interact with your natural pigment. Because they are so small they do let your hair lighter, so at this level of color is not permanent. It lasts about 6 to 12 shampoos. It can not lighten your hair, because there is no peroxide or ammonia. It does not cover more gray than about 50%.

Level 2 °, semi-permanent hair honey brown - the color molecules are still very young and going through the crust. Here are combined together to form larger molecules. Therefore, do not wash faster and lasting through a couple dozen shampoos. This type of stain has a bit of peroxide, which allows you to subtly lighten the natural color and blend better with the gray ones.

· Level 3, Permanent Hair Honey Brown - again, small molecules enter the cortex, but this time it will react to the natural molecules, and is expanding too large to be washed away. The ammonia and peroxide are both turned on, so your hair a lighter, and then dyed the desired color. As the final tone is a combination of natural colors and the color is unique.

"The honey brown hair has become so popular because it is so easy to adapt," said Jacquelyn, office manager at Salon Cabochon in Sacramento, California. "And so many more men have discovered the fun by changing your Honey Brown hair sometimes. I mean, why even pay attention to cut and style, why not get creative with colors too?"
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