Eye Makeup

Smoky eye make-up (often called "Little Black make-up") for the evening to see something really dramatic, come with some creative combinations to brighten the eyes and give effect goddess 24k. This will allow you to do a smoky eye make-up. Try it first virtual make-up studio.

"Smoky eyes can only look and look dark skin blackened mud, if done correctly. A warm gold, pure works on all skin tones and makes it look light and sexy."

To begin your smoky eye, the eye shadow to complement your eye color. Brown and hazel eyes look great in gold, blues is pretty in pink roses with golden and green eyes stand out in shades of plum or purple. A touch of gold rose in the middle of the lid or browbone can open your eyes and make them look terribly glowy summer goddess. The same goes for bronze gloss. Plum is dramatic enough to work with instead of eye shadow brown or black, and it looks great on green eyes. Playing with a plum eye smoke using a light purple color on the lid, and a plum in the crease.

Before you take your eye makeup, the skin surface with a base eye shadow for preparing to stay put in power. In general, it is wise to use your foundation and concealer undereye after your smoky eyes, because the color so easily fall around her eyes. Dark colors tend to put on the freshly applied foundation. If you apply your foundation first treatment, your efforts may be wasted when the bits of the shadows come rain.

Start with eye shadow. The dark eye shadow can be applied allover the lid, or lid, depending on the shape of your eye and the look you want. Application of dark colors in the crease and blend upward and outward toward the front of his eyes grew round, and many Asian women prefer to create depth by the eye lids allover dark sweatshirt. For a standard smoke eye, you can try all the eyeshadow on the lid of tin, charcoal in the crease and maintain eyebrows light.

Upper lash line from corner to corner, line the lower lashes in just three quarters of the way, starting from the outer corner of eye. For an intensely smoky eye, dip a flat eyeliner brush in classic liquid eyeliner black (brown or plum brick if you have green eyes) and insert it into the lash line. Do the same with the eyeshadow black powder (plum or brown brick if you have green eyes

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